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  Address: 1 Strand Road, Bray

  Co. Wicklow, Ireland

  (across from the Harbour)


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Check out some of the press coverage the Harbour Bar received after being named "Best Bar In The World" by Lonely Planet.

TV3 Ireland


Licensing World - Nov 2010 issue

"How has it managed to beat the great and mighty bars of the world? Simply put – character, The Harbour Bar is all about character. It has oodles of character, in fact it almost overpowers you with character – but in a very good way. " Read the full article here


The Irish Independent

"The greatest little pub in the world" - and it's my local! Read the full article here 


The Irish Independent - Irish singer Fionn Regan raves about the Harbour Bar!

Mercury prize nominee, Glastonbury Festival vet and fellow Bray man, Fionn Regan talks about his latest album, 100 Acres of Sycamore and the best bar in the world. Read the article here


The Irish Times

"The Harbour Bar in Bray was recently voted best bar not just in Ireland but in the world by Lonely Planet. For its part, Trip Advisor reckons it’s the number one attraction to see in Bray....this hugely atmospheric premises is another family-run success story (owned by a third generation of O’Tooles) and well worth walking the prom for". Read the article here


The Irish Times

"To replicate the authentic Irish pub overseas experience, you could do worse than start in the Harbour Bar in Bray, Co Wicklow. A Lonely Planet poll that recently voted it “Best Pub in the World” has not gone unnoticed by international travellers, and it now attracts more overseas visitors than ever". Read the full article here



Ireland's Olympic Gold boxing champion Katie Taylor made world headlines in 2012. And deservedly so. Katie's gym across the road didn't have a toilet, so Katie used the Harbour Bar's...resulting in a lot of worldwide press. Below are a few nuggets.


The New York Times


The Los Angeles Times


Daily Mail

"It all speaks of some of the things that so many other pubs have now lost - the friendly welcome, the arty environment, the fact that those who drink there feel ownership in the property."Read the full article here 


Totally Dublin Magazine

"The Harbour bar is a first class pub. To find genuine comfort and beauty in the midst of consumer excess, indulgence and aggression is a lot to expect of a licensed premises, but it surely delivers a uniquely brilliant drinking experience recommendable to anyone."Read the full article here 


The Sunday World

"THE BEST BAR NONE" Read the full article here


The Resident Magazine (New York, USA)

Maxine Albert writes about her recent trip to Ireland and pops into the Harbour Bar along the way. Read the full article here (USA)

"Lonely Planet knows their bars, and this one was named the best in the world. Surprisingly authentic Irish pub inside and cozy....well worth a vist" Kent St. John


Summus Magazine (Columbia)

The Harbour Bar is featured in one of South America's best luxury magazines. See the piece here


Deutsche Welle TV - Euromaxx. This was broadcast to millions in Europe.


The Sun

THE owners of the pub loo used by Olympic champ Katie Taylor during training have vowed to erect a plaque in her honour over the porcelain throne.!/42460/The_Harbour_Bar_in_Bray_Ireland


CBC Radio (Canada)

Talks about how great the bar was on a visit from Canada


Bray People newspaper


Wednesday October 20 2010

IT'S OFFICIAL. The Harbour Bar is the best little pub ever! Bray's very own Harbour Bar has been named the overall best bar in the world by the Lonely Planet Guide online.

The quirky seaside pub has come first in both the overall ' best bar' category and the 'off the beaten track' section in this year's Singha Beer sponsored competition.

The bar is one of the oldest and best known bars in the country.

' When you consider the sheer amount of bars in the world, we are really delighted to hear this,' said Colin O'Toole of the Harbour Bar who's mother Maureen and uncle Paul own the Harbour.

Both Colin and his cousin Paul Jnr. are involved in the running of the pub. 'It's a nice testament to my father's legacy and to our customers who voted for us,' added Colin whos dad Des sadly passed away last year.

' This bar has an amazingly diverse crowd and a unique look,' reads the Lonely Planet report. ' The bar is littered with original antiques and interesting bric-a-brac, accumulated over 80 years, by three generations of the O'Toole family. The Harbour Bar offers a truly authentic Irish pub experience as an antidote to the sterile atmosphere of some modern pubs.

'Over the last century, the bar has been home to a who's who of both an international and national assortment of writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians. The likes of Brendan Behan, James Joyce (who once lived across the road), Peter O'Toole, Neil Jordan, Lawrence Oliver, Katherine Hepburn to U2, Bono, Sinead O'Conner, Def Leopard, Mary Coughlin, Shane MacGowan, Brendan Gleeson, Ian Harte, Beverly D'Angelo, Cillian Murphy, Jim Sheridan and Colin Farrell to just name a few of the regulars.'